Exclusively Employment Law

Advice to Employers

Finley Employment Law advises employers of all sizes on all types of workplace issues to ensure that employers comply with federal and California employment law. Finley Employment law offers efficient, practical advice, as well as competitive pricing.

Below are examples of the kinds of services that Finley Employment Law provides to employers:

  • preparing employment agreements, consultant agreements, non-disclosure agreements, severance agreements, and employee handbooks;
  • advice during the interactive process and on reasonable accommodations;
  • advice on workplace investigation procedures;
  • advice on addressing internal complaints, including complaints about discrimination and harassment;
  • advice on meal and rest period and overtime compensation issues;
  • advice on exempt/non-exempt classifications;
  • advice during the onboarding and termination process; and
  • representation during inquiries by the Labor Commissioner

If you are an employer and need employment law advice, call 916-612-0326 or email Finley Employment Law today.