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“Such a great experience working with Kyung. My former employer was not too happy I left and had their legal team send some nasty letters. I found Kyung through google and she reviewed my case. She wrote a very thorough and solid letter explaining the California employment laws and cases which set precedence and protected me. Everything worked and I never heard from my ex-employer again. Thank you for the help Kyung!” E.G.

“I had the good fortune of finding Ms. Kyung Finley when I was in a very time-sensitive situation with my employer. She was responsive and thorough in describing to me potential courses of action and I made the wise decision to retain her services. Ms. Finley was transparent in all communication with my employer and included me in every step of the process, taking the time to edit the offered agreement to the most beneficial result possible. My case was settled surprisingly fast and I could not be more satisfied with the representation I received. Kyung Finley lays low every negative stereotype of attorneys we all are so familiar with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!” D.J.

“After being referred out by two other employment law firms because my case was too small (their words), I reached out to Finley Employment Law for consultation. Kyung took my case seriously and persistently worked on my behalf. She displayed great patience in dealing with my former employer who was dishonest, evasive, and disrespectful throughout the process. Despite the challenges that posed, Kyung remained invested in my case, very professional, and she always relied on her expert knowledge of the law to work towards settlement. I am grateful to Kyung for walking me through this process because without her I would have been feeling powerless and alone.” L.P.

“I highly recommend Kyung. She was professional, exceptionally informative, and responsive. I’m thankful for Kyung and appreciate her help overall.” P.D.

“Kyung is a great lawyer. She is always very professional while negotiating a settlement. She carefully reviews the details and objects if she feels something isn’t legally worded in your best interest. Highly recommend.” C.S.

“Kyung is a skilled attorney that provides the very best services. She is intelligent, thorough, and hard-working. I will continue to use her services as needed and recommend her to friends and family.” R.B.

“I recommend Finley Law. The professional, responsive care helped make a difficult time better with trusted results.” J.C.

“Kyung was extremely responsive and respectful of my needs and questions. She was always willing to do what was needed to make sure my case was fully resolved and kept in touch with me on a regular basis throughout the case.” T.C.

“I was in a difficult, confusing, and complicated situation when I reached out to Kyung Finley. I was desperately seeking the guidance of a well-prepared and reliable legal professional. Kyung is great attorney. She helped me through a difficult matter, protected me against false allegations, and secured me a fair financial compensation. Kyung is a great communicator, listener, has knowledge of the law and good judgment. I highly recommend Finley Employment Law.” M.C.

“We can’t thank Kyung enough for her professional advice and representation.” B.G.

“Quick response, helpful, kind and understood my situation. It’s easy to find a business who will take your money but increasingly hard to connect with people who are understanding, sincere and responsive. I would highly recommend Finley Employment Law to my family, friends and peers!” B.H.

“Fantastic, detailed work! The judge even complimented the work done by Ms. Finley! Great job! Thank you!” T.H.

“I had a very specific but difficult situation with my company, and needed legal advice. After calling Kyung from an internet search, she was a complete professional in helping me. After a few days of doing her free of charge, due diligence, she called me to say that this matter was a little outside of her scope and a very specialized trade that she didn’t feel comfortable with. Rather than wasting my time, money and effort, she quickly refunded my whole retainer. That is extremely rare in any industry and when you find a trustworthy person whom has your best interest at heart, you keep them on speed dial. Thank you again.” K.K.

“I have nothing but gratitude for Kyung Finley and her office for guiding me through my legal process with patience and kindness. I felt secure and confident knowing I was in good hands with knowledgeable professionals who were on my side. Thank you for making me feel valid and heard. I could not have done it without you!” B.K.

“Attorney Kyung Finley handled my recent matter effectively and efficiently. Glad I called her firm.” M.M.

“Kyung helped me with a very difficult EDD problem, and, with her clear and articulate presentation, she won my case! I am grateful for her tenacious advocacy and appreciate her highly competent work and professionalism.” B.N.

“Received expert guidance and excellent outcome.” C.N.

“Ms Finley is a great attorney and simply amazing. She helped me to overcome one of the most stressful times of my life and I really appreciated her dedication and professionalism. She is very insightful and an expert in her field. I highly recommend this firm!” S.P.

“Kyung was very responsive to my short timeline, and gave insightful advice that was a huge help in a tricky situation I was dealing with. I thought her hourly rate was fair and she billed less time than I anticipated might be needed. I would definitely consult her again.” D.P.

“It was amazing to work with Kyung. She is sincere and professional and responded promptly to all questions. She took the time to understand my matter and provided sound legal advice and direction. I would highly recommend Kyung and Finley Employment Law to my family, friends and peers!” J.P.

“Personalized professional care- great legal insight. If ever need again no hesitancy and returning here, nor referring family and friends!” D.S.

“Kyung Finley provided valuable advice and support as I navigated through a severance issue with a previous employer. She has thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the law, was informative, prompt, responsive and very diligent, all for terrific value!” S.S.

“Ms. Finley is an empathetic, kind, and fair legal advocate for any of your needs. I had an issue that needed looking into and she turned every stone to find answers for me. I was very happy with her services and if I ever need legal help in the Sacramento area again, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her. I highly recommend!” D.T.


“Ms. Finley helped me through an emotionally difficult time. She was empathetic and professional, making the process as easy as it could be, considering the circumstances. I appreciate all her help! I recommend Ms. Finley for all employment related matters.” R.G.