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AARP Study: Age Discrimination in the Workplace

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Discrimination

Last month, the AARP released a study entitled “The Value of Experience: AARP Multicultural Work & Jobs Study Chartbook for Total Respondents” (the “AARP Study”). The AARP Study is based on a survey of 3,900 individuals, who are age 45 and older, and who are working or looking for work. (The AARP study uses the term “older worker” to refer to the 3,900 individuals who were surveyed.)

Among other things, the AARP Study found that approximately three in five older workers believe that there is age discrimination in the workplace, based what they have seen or personally experienced. (AARP Study, at 59.) Below are some of the study’s other findings relating to age discrimination:

1. Among the older workers who have seen or personally experienced age discrimination in the workplace, 91 percent believe that age discrimination is “very or somewhat common” and nearly two in five believe it is “very common.” (AARP Study, at 60.)

2. More than 50 percent of the older workers who believe that there is age discrimination in the workplace state that the age discrimination starts in the worker’s 50s. (AARP Study, at 61.)

3. “While 61 percent of older workers have seen or experienced age discrimination, only 3 percent of the total sample of older workers have ever made an official complaint about any age discrimination that they have seen or experienced.” (AARP Study, at 63.)

4. Among those older workers who lack confidence about finding a job (or finding another job), age discrimination was the most commonly cited reason for the lack of confidence. (AARP Study, at 36.)

5. “[N]early half of older workers who are not self-employed have bosses who are younger than they are (46%), 28 percent have bosses around the same age, and one-quarter have bosses who are older than they are.” (AARP Study, at 49.)

6. “[M]ost older workers are in workplaces where at least half of their colleagues are younger.” (AARP Study, at 50.)

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