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What does an employment contract do for you? 

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Employment Contracts

In California, you have a host of automatic legal rights as an employee. For instance, in 2023, the minimum wage was raised to $15.50 per hour. This means that an employer cannot pay you any less than this, although they can opt to pay more if they wish. 

With such automatic rights being in place, you may feel that there is no need to sign an employment contract. Nonetheless, there are several benefits to having a contract. Outlined below are a few of the most common advantages. 

Increased job security 

California is an at-will employment state. Basically, this means that a company can terminate a worker without providing notice. At the same time, an employee is free to leave whenever they like. 

However, an employment contract can offer both parties a better sense of security. It can contain terms that relate to notice periods and the process by which an employee may leave or be terminated. If you have this in writing, then you are further protected and may avoid being let go unexpectedly. (In turn, your employer usually gets the reassurance that you won’t leave without sufficient notice to find a replacement worker.)

Your role is defined 

An employment contract can also provide a clear outline of your job role and responsibilities. This means that you know what is expected of you as well as what falls out with the remit of your employment. 

It is better for all parties concerned if they know exactly what they can expect from one another and what it means to be successful in a given position. This can protect you from unfair disciplinary measures based on the whims of your supervisor or boss.

An employment contract is only beneficial if it increases your rights and stability. If you feel that you have been subjected to unfair employment terms, be sure to seek some legal guidance so that you better understand your rights.